Retül demo for Preston Cycling Club

On Wednesday night I demo’d the retül bike fitting system to 10 guys from Preston Cycling club. A number of the riders highlighted that they had discomfort on longer races and we identified a few key positional faults which  would improve their comfort and performance.
If you would like a demonstration for your club please get in touch.

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Free mobility workshop for Barlick Fell Runners

Monday 19th October saw 16 of the Barlick Fell runners crammed into the cricket pavilion and go through a mobility workshop with me, covering foam roller and self massage with tennis balls etc, stretching techniques, and joint mobility exercises.  This is part of a series of free workshops I’m running to help the athletes reduce their risk of injury and further educate them in self managemt and smarter training.

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British Triathlon Coach Training Course



Sunday 11th October saw Duncan and Tim delivering two workshops for the British Triathlon Coach CPD day at Edge Hill University.


The morning session led by Duncan covered ‘run technique: faults and corrections’, which included many areas of running such as; gait analysis, biomechanics and the effect of running injuries.  The running analysis methods taught helped the club coaches highlight possible areas for improvement of running form and reduce risk of injuries in their athletes.


In the afternoon Tim ran a seminar on the ‘Science behind a bike fit’, which discussed the key components related to physiology and the biomechanics of cycling. The coaches were also shown the 3D Retül motion-capture bike fitting system and how it can deliver highly accurate and comprehensive data to guide optimal performance, efficiency, injury prevention, and comfort on the bike.


If you would like Tim or Duncan to come and talk to your team or club on topics such as injury prevention, running technique or bike fitting, then please contact the team at




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