Helen Leigh wins Lakes in a Day

Congratulations to coached athlete Helen Leigh who broke the course record on her way to win Lakes in a Day – 48mile race from the top of the Lake District to the bottom.  Proof that the longer distances really are her strength coming off the back of her win at the coast to coast multisport race.

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Chris wins Frostbite 30

Congratulations to coached athlete Chris Singleton on a sporting joint 1st place at the frostbite 30 (34miles).  In very challenging conditions the two leaders had to take it in turns to pull each other out of fast flowing rivers and deep bogs, so a sprint finish wasn’t in the spirit of the game.  This performance is a great confidence boost going forward into 2016 and our goal of getting Chris a GB vest for the ultramarathon team. 

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Free mobility workshop for Barlick Fell Runners

Monday 19th October saw 16 of the Barlick Fell runners crammed into the cricket pavilion and go through a mobility workshop with me, covering foam roller and self massage with tennis balls etc, stretching techniques, and joint mobility exercises.  This is part of a series of free workshops I’m running to help the athletes reduce their risk of injury and further educate them in self managemt and smarter training.

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Self treatment kit bag

Following some recent questions on what type of foam roller to get I have outlined the selection of tools you can have at your disposal to prevent, and manage, yourself without relying on the hands of a therapist all the time.  With the right knowledge and tools you should be able to deal with 80% of problems your body will throw up yourself!

Your self treatment kit bag should consist of the following.

superficial work – generic softer foam roller is fine

superficial work – mobility band / cut up old bicycle inner tube

deeper soft tissue work – hard hollow style eg. the Grid (gold standard) by Trigger point therapy, or the more-mile copy

really deep soft tissue work – the rumble roller, or the more-mile copy.

localised joint work – a tennis ball and a peanut (2 tennis balls taped together)

localised soft tissue work – a lacrosse ball / hockey ball / golf ball

kit bag tools

For some fantastic video’s on how to use these tools see Kelly Starett’s website- www.mobilitywod.com


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