Chris gets selected to represent England

Congratulations to Chris Singleton who has been selected to represent England at the Anglo-Celtic plate and now has the pleasure of racing 100k on 2.7k loops.

In his own words….

When I started back running a few years ago the goals were simple, lose weight and get fit again. That soon changed to time oriented goals over 10k and marathon, county selection is always a goal and then I looked at ultras and decided to really challenge myself. Today I got the news that all runners hope for – I’ve been selected to represent England at the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k international in March. 😬😬

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me along the way, my biggest fan Christina whose support is unparalleled……, friends and club mates. It’s just got so very real, time to hand myself over to coach and physio Tim Pigott and hope he can get me fit in time! 😳 ps, I feel sick!!!

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