Self treatment kit bag

Following some recent questions on what type of foam roller to get I have outlined the selection of tools you can have at your disposal to prevent, and manage, yourself without relying on the hands of a therapist all the time.  With the right knowledge and tools you should be able to deal with 80% of problems your body will throw up yourself!

Your self treatment kit bag should consist of the following.

superficial work – generic softer foam roller is fine

superficial work – mobility band / cut up old bicycle inner tube

deeper soft tissue work – hard hollow style eg. the Grid (gold standard) by Trigger point therapy, or the more-mile copy

really deep soft tissue work – the rumble roller, or the more-mile copy.

localised joint work – a tennis ball and a peanut (2 tennis balls taped together)

localised soft tissue work – a lacrosse ball / hockey ball / golf ball

kit bag tools

For some fantastic video’s on how to use these tools see Kelly Starett’s website-


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