Performance Coaching Conference 2014

Saturday 15th March saw British Triathlon organise a fantastic performance coaching conference addressing many of the technical innovations and high end planning required to support our athletes through to winning performances at the major championships.

Jim Pennycook took us through the military driven innovations which have crossed over into sport, and gave us glimpses of what is to come – there’s some very cool shiny toys coming!

Prof Mike Tipton used his experience working with the military in extreme environments to guide athletes on how to best perform in hot environments.

Ian Pyper showed us how the EIS are supporting the athletes with regular screening to identify potential injury risk factors, as well as the detailed race analysis providing hard data to guide training in order to get on the podium.

Simon Jones went through the technical planning process he has developed with a number of sports which he now brings to the British Triathlon squads which helps athletes focus on their most important factors required to win.

Finally Peter Keen talked about his career with British Cycling and his experiences guiding and supporting the incredibly successful Team GB.



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